If you travel often, you’re doing you and your family a disservice if you don’t have a travel pillow ready and waiting. Travel pillows really take the stress and tension out of traveling. How? Well, how can you be stressed out or angry while traveling if you’re knocked out in dreamland? Below is a rundown of some basic tips for getting the most out of your travel pillow.

Wear your Travel Pillow Backwards

This one piece of advice is life changing as far as sleeping while traveling goes. Most people wear their travel pillows with the cushion against the back of the neck. This is fine, but if you sometimes find yourself nodding off and then suddenly waking up before you drift, then this tip is perfect for you. This will support your neck so that as you drift off you don’t get the sensation that you’re about to fall out of your seat.

This is also a good tip for children who tend to get cranky on flights since they can’t sleep. Put the pillow on backwards so that can relax and drift into comfortable sleep.

Don’t Sit In Aisle Seats

This is very important for getting the best sleep on a plane or bus. Generally, you’ll want to avoid the aisle seats since they’re in the middle of most of the airplane traffic. Whenever I can, I try to get a window seat so I can also rest against the side of the plane. This combined with a neck pillow is probably about as good as it gets when it comes to sleeping on a plane. Ideally, putting your child in a window seat is best since they’ll have less of a chance of being disturbed as they sleep with their travel pillow.

The perfect seat on an airplane is the window seat

Break Your Pillow In

This will sound a little strange, but you should get used to your pillow before you travel with it. This is important, though, since trying to use a travel pillow for the first time when you’re traveling is probably going to feel a little weird. The best way to break in your neck pillow is to use it when you’re sitting on your couch using your laptop or watching some TV. After using it a few times you’ll be totally used to it and you’ll know exactly to make yourself comfortable while traveling.

Pick The Right Pillow For Your Children

One of the biggest draws, believe it or not, for young children is how the pillow looks. Think back to when you were a kid. Remember how you’d obsess over “cool” and “not cool?” This often matters to children, so make sure you pick a travel pillow with a cool pattern so that your kid will want to use it. Otherwise, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

Make sure that you actually pick a cool travel pillow, or else your kid won't use it

A travel pillow can absolutely take the stress out of travel, especially flights. We think everyone should have a travel pillow in this day and age if they intend to travel. Do you have any special travel pillow tips? Please share them below.

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