Moving out of home in your twenties can be one of the best things you ever do. However, making that next step into adulthood comes with a cost – keeping your new home tidy and clean. Now you’re on your own and it’s time to get yourself sorted. Here’s how:

Keep Your Carpets Clean

Keeping your carpet is straight-forward, simply set a time out once a week and vacuum. Sadly not everything can be removed quite so easily. If you’ve spilled drinks and run the risk of staining the carpet then you should immediately blot with paper towels to draw out as much liquid as possible. Afterwards apply a little bit of dishwashing soap or club soda (use as little as possible to avoid a cleaning stain). Finally dry it out. As a cash-strapped twenty year old you might not have enough to pay for a professional, so if there’s a mark left, you could cover it up with a rug.

Clean the Shower

Whether you’re going bald or have long hair that end up on the floor, no one likes a shower drain full of hair and who-knows-what else. Left for too long, it can block the shower grill causing the floor to fill up with murky water. Thankfully it’s an easy fix. Either remove it with a drain cleaner that can be purchased at a supermarket or pull it out by hand. Just be aware that if you go the second route, you’re going to see something potentially disgusting.

Stop Hoarding Junk

From useless objects you bought cheap online, to thrift shop finds you didn’t need to buy, it’s easy to build up a collection of items you don’t need. Not only do these cause a lot of clutter, but it’s unattractive and costs a lot. Do yourself a favor and toss out anything you don’t use. If a lot of the things in your new home have sentimental value and you hoard them so you don’t need to part with them, then find a more permanent home such as in a garage, a storage unit, or back at your parent’s house.

Regularly Do The Dishes

It starts with just one dish left in the sink. Then it builds up as you delay washing them. Soon you’ve got a stack of dishes and a colony of bacteria sitting at the bottom of your bowls. Here’s how you can help develop a habit of regular dish cleaning: every time you have any item – even if it’s just a fork – wash it. Keep it up and you’ll always keep a clean sink. Of course if you are a lazy person you could always invest in a dishwasher…

 Messy Roommates

No matter your intentions about keeping your new home clean, it means nothing if your roommates treat your shared pad like a pigsty. There’s not much you can do except choose roommates that also care about order, cleanliness, and tidiness. We hope you enjoy living out of home.