No matter how you feel about rubber boots—or rain boots, Wellies, gumboots, whatever you call it—there is something you cannot deny about them. They are tough.

Rubber boots were made to take the mud, rain, slush, and slippery surfaces you would not put your other shoes through. It is no wonder why they have lasted so long in the shoes business.

Oh, you didn’t think it was because of their looks, did you? 

If you don't know how to wear the boots, it is easy to look like a fisherman.

Function. Not Fashion.

That is the rain, sometimes comfortable-to-walk-in, boot’s sole purpose. The original rubber boot, also known as the Wellington, was designed for field workers. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe they were as concerned with the look and feel of rubber boots the way we are today.

Rain boots are convenient. But stylish? That’s a stretch. In my opinion, it depends on the wearer. There has been very little innovation among rubber boot brands over the years. Aside from improving traction, insulation, and durability, these all rubber, high rising boots will run you the risk of looking like an out of place fisherman.
This is one of the few innovative examples of rain boots.


Then again, if you know how to wear your clothes, and don’t let your clothes wear you, then you just might be the one to pull the look off. 

Since these are typically worn in cooler weather, you can save this for the coming fall and winter. I have seen some brave souls bearing these shoes on their feet under the hot blazing sun. Just imagine. Your feet in a closed, tight environment, slowly getting hotter as you stand and walk throughout the day. The moisture that builds up is not worth the style (if you can pull it off), nor the function(unless it’s a typhoon).

Rainboots serve its primary function, to keep your feet dry. Fashion comes later.

Think you can rock them? Well here are three tips for you to try!

1. With Jeans

The plain and simple combination gives you enough room to create a bit of pop across the top. The boot’s clunky appearance never makes anyone in the room say “wow”, so it is best to wear dark denim to make the shoes blend in a bit. 

If light-colored denim is your thing, or you prefer colorful rain boots, try wearing a graphic shirt to even out your look. The main thing is not to let the boots take over your look.
These rain boots don't look too shabby. You would want to wear this with a colorful top.


2. With Leg Warmers

One of the wonders of Autumn is being able to wear layers. Despite their bland and uninviting shapes, rain boots just narrowly finds its way in a stylish area when it comes to leg warmers.

When the temperature starts taking a dip (with the way global warming has been going, the term ‘plunge’ may be more appropriate), your jeans, thick socks, and leg warms will be the winning combination to keeping your feet dry and warm. 

3. With a skirt

It does not matter which kind of skirt you like. A-line, pencil, and maxi skirts can all wear well with rubber boots. Even though you may want to show off your legs when wearing a skirt, it is better to draw more attention to your top half.

Remember, the wearer is the focal point here. Not the boots.

You can pair rainboots with a cute A-line skirt.