It’s summer and perfect weather to throw some steaks on the grill with friends.

There are a few things to be attentive to when planning.

With these tips you’ll throw a relaxing outdoor party that everyone will enjoy.

1.Where can I barbecue?

To anyone who has no yard or patio: there are determined places in parks, on lakes or rivers, where it is allowed to grill. There are even public grills that you can use, and won’t have to worry about bringing your own grill.

Find out where there’s a place near you and get those friends together.

A couple more steps and then you’ve got a great barbecue.

Sausages and onions being grilled over an open fire

2. What kind of food should I prepare?

Ask your buddies if everyone can bring something. That way you won’t have to carry the costs alone and everyone has something they like.

There are loads of recipes that are easy to prepare. If you aren’t the greatest cook or don’t have time to marinate the meat, then swing by the local supermarket or butcher and you’ll find some ready to grill meats and veggies.

Baguettes and buns, vegetables, fruits… it all tastes better off the grill!

Keep in mind: don’t get too stressed about it – it’s not about the food. It’s about the mood and being together!

Grilled food on a colorful table in the yard

3. How do I get the right mood and setting?

Very simple:

Get hold of a portable speaker and play some good mood music. You can even find an appropriate playlist on Spotify that will fit your outdoor party. Light a few candles and tiki torches, hang some electric lights and you’ll have a comfy atmosphere. Remember to bring some outdoor pillows for your friends. And if anyone plays the guitar, then success is certain!

And don’t worry: with your friends there’s always a good mood!

Summer evening in the yard, decorated with hanging lights and indirect lighting in the trees and bushes