Your baby is coming and there are a thousand things you need to do! The cradle, the bedroom, clothes and of course, the push chair. A few of my friends needed more than a year to decide on the “right push chair.” “And what if the wheels are the wrong ones? How can I be sure that it’s the best push chair? Is it better to have my baby looking back at me or facing the world ahead?”

Here a few tips that are guaranteed to help you find your best push chair:

1) Test before purchasing

I’m sure you have friends or family with children. That’s a great opportunity to test out a push chair. It will give you a much better idea than just pushing it around in the store. Go walking with a child, or check out how your friends and family manage going uphill with their push chairs. See how it deals with footpaths and pebbled roads. See if you can maneuver it with the weight of a child in it, or if you’d prefer something else. The more push chairs you try out, the better you can judge if it’s the right one!

Woman walking with child in a push chair on a wooded path

2) Take your lifestyle into consideration

Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you which push chair you’ll need. Our lifestyles certainly influence the choice we make for the right push chair. Do you move around in your own vehicle or with public transportation? How large is your car? Do you live in the city or out on the countryside? What do you usually do in your free time? Your lifestyle will help you decide if you need a robust and heavier push chair with sporty wheels, or if you need a lighter version with more flexibility.

Mother with child in her arms sitting next to her push chair on a bench on a lakeside.

3) Forget the unwieldy push chair

The size of your baby’s push chair has an effect on your level of comfort. A large, unwieldy push chair will hinder your freedom to move around, especially in public transportation.  If you prefer a lighter one, you should be attentive that it doesn’t weigh more than 15 lbs. It should have ergonomic handles with which you can easily carry it if necessary. Be sure that the push chair can be folded up and fit in your vehicle. Otherwise you’d need a new car.

Mother sitting next to baby in push chair on a bus

4) Quality first

The push chair should transport your child safely and comfortably. Therefore it must be resistant to damage and of good quality. Choose a chair with foot supports so that your child can sit comfortably. Find one that gives 2-3 options for leaning the chair back.

Baby in pink clothing sleeping in a push chair

5) Compare prices

Often the price is the deciding factor for buying a push chair. Compare prices before deciding. Of course that takes time, but it is worth it in the end. Take a look at different push chairs in different stores before buying. Don’t forget to look for the models you like online! Always ask if the price includes the accessories, like rain or wind covers, or a diaper bag. Sometimes the higher priced chair has these and is actually more economic!

Wallet with euros

6) It’s got to look good, too

When you buy a purse, you certainly require it to be comfortable, but it must also match your clothing and your personality. Don’t forget that your push chair will be used for at least three years, so it is going to have to satisfy your sense of fashion. In any case it is definitely easier to spot than your purse! Look for a model that you believe will fit your taste for a long period of time. You’ll feel good about it and it will look great!

Pink push chair made of sugar on a birthday cake

With these useful tips you can start to decide on the right push chair for you. Check out the Moleo Shop for a few inspirations and accessories.