It’s summer and high time to get the kiddies out of the house. Kids are easy to entertain. Here are a few simple games that will convince any kid that playing outside, in the yard, on the field or on the balcony, is much funner than sitting in the toy room.

And by the way: getting the kids out of the house gives you a chance to find a few moments for yourself.

Here are a few ideas that can entertain any child and are super easy to get set up.

Little girl reaching up to a tree playing in her yard

Nature Memory

You can play Memory with much more than cards. Look around for a field with flowers and bushes, or a bit of forest or a lake or pond.

Pick out five items that you can find in that place (pebbles, moss, sand, pine cones, flower pedals or something of the sort). Then lay them down in front of you. Give the kids 1-2 minutes to memorise the items and then let them go on a hunt to find those same items and bring them back.

Little child's hands collecting pebbles


There are so many things in nature that you can paint. So grab your watercolours and colour pencils and get out into the fresh air. Give their imaginations free reign and see what they come up with.

Bring along a glue stick or transparent tape and let them decorate their masterpieces with pedals, leaves, or anything else that might make a nice frame.

Kids also love to draw with chalk on the ground.

Small boy drawing outside

Bubble blowing

Pretty much every kid loves bubbles. They sparkle and reflect so many different colours. They rise up in the air over our heads and then “pop” they disappear!

You can make your own bubble solution by adding liquid dish soap to some water. And then let the fun begin.


Little girl blowing air into a bubble

Treasure hunt

A sandbox can become a huge treasure chest for the kids. You can bury all kinds of things you find in nature. Look around for diverse articles, like flowers or pine cones, and then let the kiddies dig around and search for treasure. It’s a lot of fun for them and it’s easy to do.

Child sitting in sandbox and digging

As you can see, you really don’t need a lot to keep your kids busy and to enjoy the beautiful weather together.

Along with a good mood, playing outside has a positive effect on your child’s health.