Indoor plants are beautiful. Live ones, that is.

If you have a love for beautiful things and believe your environment has the power to influence your mood, then you’ve probably thought about buying a plant or two. And it’s not a bad idea!

About two years ago, this traveling, on-the-go, remote-based worker (me) realized how significant little things are, like sunlight, bare white walls, and delicious aromas. The white walls were killing me. Sure, it was clean, but it also felt naked. So, I went to a nearby town and bought some paintings. Their warmth, stories, and abstraction invited me home every time I walked through the door. It was an excellent decision.

Soon after, I felt like the apartment was incomplete. The place looked better, but it needed more life (shoutout to Drake!)

So, I bought bamboo, a low maintenance perennial flowering plant that almost anybody can grow. The plant option was perfect for somebody like me—a sometimes absent-minded wanderlust who works here, there, and everywhere. The bamboo grew, as did I.

Bamboo is really easy to grow. If you kill them, something is wrong.

Then, I wanted to step my game up. I got a beautiful, dainty violet flower (forgive me, I never learned the name). The soil seemed rough and soft at the same time. It was odd, but I went with it. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that flower died within two weeks’ time.  It seemed as though every time I looked at it, it died a little. Every time I tried to let it breathe, it just kept dying.

Full and partial sunlight. Can you guess what happened? That’s right. It just kept dying. So, I let it go. I did not have the time, nor patience, to learn what this oh so fickle plant needed and wanted. It easily felt like one of the worst relationships I’ve ever had.

From that point on, I decided to only take on plants that do not require much. And if you want to avoid a potentially heartbreaking relationship unfolding in front of your eyes, I would suggest the following plants:

1. Succulents

      You’ve seen these around, and they were never dead (hopefully). Plant varieties of this type are popular for their strong, beautiful, geometric shapes. Colors range between a lint, minty green to deep violet.

If you look closely, you will realize their leaves are quite thick. This characteristic is a result of their water retaining ability, which means you only have to water it about once a week (or when the soil is dry). Just stick them in a place where they receive sunlight and keep the air dry.

Succulent plants are popular for their easy care and beautiful geometry.

2. Pothos

            Don’t like to be bothered with the sun? We’ve got a plant for you! Pothos are a popular choice for its big, broad, green leaves. It does not require a lot of sunlight, and if you let the soil dry out, it won’t just drop and die. It’s a trooper.

Green, broad pothos leaves require little light.

3. Begonias

      Add a bit of pop to the room with some color. The summer-blooming Begonias certainly don’t need much, especially during the winter. The soil MUST be dry before receiving more water.

Begonias come in many different colors and varieties.

These are just a few options. If you have any low maintenance plants you love, share them with us in the comments.