It’s summertime and the salty water and sunshine will likely dry out your skin. Many people battle skin impurities during this season.

Many use solely peelings or anti-acne cremes for this purpose, but it’s essential to give your skin time to recover by using oils. Oils restore your skin after much radiation from the sun.

Every 1-2 weeks you should treat your skin to a facial mask that contains such oils. Many are unaware that facial masks you can buy at the drugstore often contain conservatives that allow them to keep longer. Here’s an economical and natural alternative: make your own! It’s actually quite simple.

A general rule of thumb: for home-made facial masks you should only use fresh ingredients. Pretty much any fruit or vegetable is applicable. Just don’t forget to wash your face well before applying.

Facial mask for dry skin

For dry skin you should use fatty products, for example bananas or avocados, since these contain many oils. Also animal and dairy products are good, like eggs, custard and yoghurt. Rule of thumb: the more oils the applied product contains, the better it soothes your dry skin.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon ripe avocado, 1 tablespoon yoghurt

Preparation: Mash the avocado with a spoon and mix it with the yoghurt. Apply to face and let sit 10 minutes (do not apply to eyelids!). Then rinse away with water.

Ripe green avocados

Facial mask for large pores

Through citric acids in lemons, your pores pull together smaller and your face looks finer and smoother. 

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons custard, 1 teaspoon lemon juice

Preparation: Mix custard and lemon juice. Apply to face and let sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse away with warm water.

Ripe lemons cut in halves in a basket

Facial mask for a lively face 

A fresh kick of coffee provides not only a more lively face from within, but also from without.

Ingredients: 5 teaspoons unused coffee grinds, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon olive oil

Preparation: Blend the ingredients well. If you’d like it creamier, just add more honey to the mixture. Apply to face and let sit for 30 minutes (do not apply to eyelids!). For a more lively look: when removing the mask, rub it in with warm water. It stimulates blood circulation and causes fresher looking skin.

roasted coffee beans

Facial mask for acne

For the fight against pimples, diatomaceous earth works wonders. Diatom earth can be found in powdered form in pharmacies and drugstores.

Take 2 teaspoons of diatom earth and mix with warm water. You should have a thick broth. Apply the mask to your face. Do not apply to mouth and eyelids. Let sit until fully dried. Then rinse away with warm water.

Woman with diatomaceous earth mask

Facial mask for oily skin

Is your face often oily and shiny, which can lead to pimples and impurities? Then use a tea tree oil mask – it’s light and easy on your skin. Your pores will shrink and the tea tree oil soothes and relaxes your skin.

Ingredients: 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil, 1 egg white, 1 to 2 dashes lemon juice

Preparation: Beat the egg white till foamy and add 1 to 2 dashes of lemon juice. Then add a few drops of tea tree oil and mix well. Apply the foamy texture evenly to face and let sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse away well.

Tea tree blossoms

P.S. In case you prefer ready-made facial masks and you wish to fight certain skin problems, then look here.