Decorating a room is already hard, but decorating a room for someone as fickle as a child can be a nightmare. Luckily, we have a set of tips here to help you cut through all the drama and decorate your child’s room in the best way possible for him. Read below and find out more!

Make It Age Appropriate

This is where you should start. It doesn’t make much sense for the room to have a bunch of video games and a desk if your child is only a 1 year old. Alternatively, a room full of toys and pink wallpaper might not be appropriate for a 13-year-old who is really into sports and heavy metal. Know your audience; know your child. If you don’t scale the room with age, good luck getting them to sleep in the room.

Pick A Theme

I think this is most important especially for younger children. Now, don’t go overboard on the theme, but most children have an interest and it’s best to pick a theme that reflects your child’s interest or personality.

Some kids love cars, so nothing makes it easier to get your child to go to bed at night than having an awesome car bed. These beds are awesome since they’re show pieces that serve a function. If your kid is really into sports then a room with lots of sports paraphernalia is probably a good idea but this might not be a good deal if your child is more artistic and less into sports. This comes down, again, to knowing your kids.

Bright Colours Look And Feel Better

When in doubt go with brighter colors and try to select a room with a lot of natural sunlight. No one likes a gloomy room and this is especially true for children. Make sure that you decorate your child’s room in a way that is inviting and warm as opposed to dark and claustrophobic.

Blue, yellow, orange and other warm colors should take precedence over black, for example. Of course, don’t go too far in one direction or your room could look obnoxious. A balance of colors is always best, but if you had to pick one direction, go brighter over darker.

Your room should be this bright--maybe not--but this is awesome.

Desk for Older Children

If you have older children, a desk can be an awesome addition. One of the hardest things is getting an older child to focus and do work, so having a desk is essential. If you have a younger kid you can delay the desk but once your kid is in elementary school that desk becomes even more essential.

This is how a desk should look

Decorating a room is always a big challenge, but there’s no reason to make it a lot harder than it needs to be. The key point to remember is that you should always pick decorations and styles that fit best with your child’s personality and style. If the room doesn’t fit them it doesn’t matter how great it is.

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