Never forget your eyebrows. They are the frame around your beautiful face and create an attractive and radiant look.

Here a few tips to pep up your eyebrows:

1. Shape

Shape is the most important part of your brows. Ask your cosmetician or hairdresser to provide you with the best shape that fits your facial features. It’s then easier to use tweezers to remove unwanted hairs that quickly return.

If you frequently pull hairs, it’s best to do so after a hot shower. Your pores are open and it makes pulling less painful. This trick is especially good if you have irritated skin.

But don’t forget: thick eyebrows are definitely in, so let them shine and don’t pull out too many hairs!

And if you don’t have bushy eyebrows: don’t try too much to colour them because it will only look unnatural. Simply utilise an eyebrow pencil or a bit of colour to lengthen them. Thin, long eyebrows allow eyes to appear larger and more beautiful.

Mila Kunis, deren Augen noch größer erscheinen durch ihre dünnen. natürlichen Augenbrauen

2. Draw out your eyebrows

There are plenty of makeup materials that can emphasize your eyebrows.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to colour your eyebrows. They should always be one tone darker than your hair colour. Dark eyebrows make your eyes shine. At the same time, coloured brows look thicker.

My personal favorite is eyebrow powder. It looks much more natural than using pencils. And so they maintain their shape, you can utilise eyebrow gel.

Use a lighter concealer or highlighter under your brows. That makes them look higher and it awakens your complexion.

Try to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible. That makes them most attractive. 

Cara Delevigne, with naturally coloured eyebrows. The image is focused on the makeup around the eyes.

3. Care for your eyebrows

Just as our hair and lashes need protection and nourishment, so do our eyebrows. This allows them to look healthy and grow strong.

At night never forget to carefully remove makeup. It certainly helps to rub castor oil or coconut oil into your brows for a healthy look.