Summer is not quite here yet, but things are heating up quickly! It does not matter if you are a cosmopolitan fashionista or a countryside belle, you are bound to run into some issues with sweat and humidity. Especially if you are exercising outside.

From your head to your toes, you want to maintain the fresh look you started off with in the morning. How exactly can you do that when the cool morning flares up into what seems to be an oppressive, unrelenting heat (and it’s only April, can you believe it?). Let’s look at some easy solutions   that will have you strutting down the road with confidence.

Strut down the street with confidence.

1. Keep your blow out fresh

For sporty women, it is common to see your hair go from “Wow” to “What’s that” in a matter of minutes. But trust us, it is possible to have a good sweaty workout without ruining your hairstyle.

Firstly, avoid using too much product in your hair. The more you use, the more buildup occurs. When that gunk is combined with sweat, it can be a real pain to do a quick style that actually looks good.

Before you work out, make sure you secure your ponytail or bun with a non-slip hairband. Also, absorb as much of that sweat as possible by wearing a cotton headband over your hairline. Your face will thank you later for it.

Keep your hair in a ponytail or bun while exercising outside.

2. Repair swimmer’s eye

Swimming is a cool and active way to stay in shape during warm weather. But if you forget your goggles, and the artificial tears barely reduce the redness, there are a few things you can do to turn the attention elsewhere.

Start with a beige cream shadow. This will help neutralize the red-ish color on your lids. Use a matte eyeshadow, as opposed to something shiny, to prevent further irritating the redness. Finish off the look with a non-waterproof black mascara. 

Even if you get swimmer's eye, there are a few ways to lessen its appearance.3. Keep the sports acne at bay

Exercise has shown to give your skin beautiful and healthy glow. Sometimes, however, little breakouts start to appear on your face, back, chest, and….well you get the picture. Many people believe these breakouts are a result of not taking a shower immediately after working out. But that’s not true.

There is no shame in needing something a little extra to wash off all the bacteria on your skin. Try a pore-clearing body wash along with a body wipe with at least 2 percent salicylic acid. Wipe the blemished areas at least twice a day, and you will notice that the irritation will gradually disappear.

By the way, you should always go out with a moisturizer that will protect your skin from the sun.

Keep your face clear with clarifying face wash.