Mums have lots to do and usually no time for themselves. As if sleepless nights and constant stress weren’t already enough – the worst part is that our faces and bodies show signs of it all.

I don’t believe in the “perfect mum” who is capable of working and keeping the house together while maintaining fashion, fitness and great looks.

Nevertheless, here are a few beauty tips for mothers with no time, which work wonders in no time. .

Radiant eyes

Every mum fights against baggy eyes. Sleeping in is hardly an option. But right when you wake up you can counter this physiological challenge. Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea and then let the teabag cool shortly. After cooling, place the teabag over your eyes for a short time.

A little concealer on the right spot and then you look as fresh as ever.


Zoomed in shot on the blue eyes of a young woman

Colour eyebrows and eyelashes

If you’d like to save a little time in the morning, then have your hairdresser colour your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Your eyebrows are the frame of your beautiful face and therefore always need to be accented. By coloring them, they become much fuller and give you a younger look. Since the colouring fades after 2 weeks, luckily there’s more at the local drugstore.

Colouring your eyelashes is above all useful for women with lighter ones. A dark crown of lashes brings out the best of your eye colour and your face all in all becomes more awake and radiant.

Especially during summer holidays when you’d like to look fresh on the beach – without worrying about panda eyes – it’s a great investment to colour eyebrows and eyelashes.

Zoomed in picture of brown eyes with long dark lashes

Tips for beautiful complexion

First of all treat your skin at least once a week to a peeling and face mask. This way you rid yourself of old skin and your face receives intense and relaxing care.

Drink lots of water. It works wonders for your skin and your figure.

If you have to fight against pimples and redness, then reach out to a CC cream. It is easy to apply and better for the skin than make-up.

To polish your beautiful complexion, apply from your cheekbones up to your temples with a large brush some blush or bronze powder.

Face of a beautiful young woman wearing modest make-up

P.S. There are many other household items that will work wonders in bodily care.