Are you expecting? Do you want to prepare a harmonious and cheerful room for your baby? Are you renovating your home and wish to create a comfortable atmosphere? Don’t worry – colour light therapy can help you!

Little known yet true: colours have an effect on the health of children and an entire family. They directly influence our bodies and spiritual equilibrium.

Coloured pencils in a circle

Colour light therapy is now accepted medical science. You don’t need to be a professional “colour therapist” to find out which colours work best for you. They constantly surround us.

Paint where your child sleeps in pastel colours, preferably green or turquoise, in order to let relaxation easily set in. Play and toy rooms, as well as rooms where your child eats, should be in orange and yellow tones.

Violet and yellow encourage children to learn better when they are in their schooling years.

You can see in the case of your own child which colours have which characteristics and effects.

1) Red

Red is the colour of life, of movement and of the heart and will. This colour is therefore perfect for a fitness studio or a room where there is lots of movement, be it physical or mental in nature. It is also great for a kitchen.

Colourful field with a heart-shaped tree with red foliage

2) Orange

Orange is the colour of health, joy and inner beauty. It tranquilises our nervous system, helps us sort out concerns and fears, and strengthens communication. This colour is good for rooms where people are received and mingle, for example a living room.

Orange tulips

3) Yellow

Yellow is the colour of the intellect, of wisdom and of reason. It strengthens the central nervous system, the brain and the bones. It encourages the intellect and heightens concentration, as well as makes for better sleep. Yellow is the perfect colour for rooms where children learn and do their homework.

Textbooks and a yellow cup of coffee on a table

4) Green

Green is linked to growth, hope and new life. It helps with headaches, stomach problems and indigestion, as well as insomnia. Green is therefore a great colour for a bedroom, your baby’s room, and a bathroom.

Bathroom with green towels and soap

5) Light blue

Light blue is the colour for inner peace and harmony because of its calming and relaxing effects. It is perfect for your child’s bedroom as well as for all furniture in the house.

Room with light blue walls and white teddy bear in a white crib

6) Violet

Violet is a stimulating colour for the mind. It strengthens concentration, imagination and intuition. It is therefore great for intellectual activities. Violet is the right colour for offices and classrooms. Don’t use it for your child’s bedroom. Avoid grey, brown and black for your child’s bedroom, too.

Sunset with violet colors

These cheerful, healing and harmonious colours should be used not just in your home, but also your child’s clothing and accessories. Have a blast while colourfully designing your life!