How do I arrange a room to make it look larger? Certainly many of us have asked that question. Indeed everything is possible and your small room doesn’t need to look small or remind you of a miniature doll set.

There are loads of possibilities, we just need to be creative. Here a few tips and tricks that can inspire you!

Cleanliness affects size

The best trick for a small room is the most difficult to do: keeping it clean. But it’s worth it. The tinier the room, the quicker it gets messy. Whether it’s books, newspapers or a remote control, every little thing lying around bothers you and makes the room tighter. It’s therefore essential to have some storage space. Easy change with big effect: use armoires and closets instead of shelves.

Small bedroom with great order

Stretch your ceiling optically

In general, dark and coloured ceilings in a big room can create a cozy ambiance. That’s especially true for high ceilings in old buildings. A darker ceiling makes the room appear lower, but therefore more spacious. That works even better if you paint the upper strip on the wall the same colour as the ceiling – so the ceiling seems to reach over the corners.

Clean living room with low ceiling

Create space with mirrors

A larger mirror optimally placed in the middle of the room reflects the room as well as enlarges its appearance. It also reflects more light – both sunlight and artificial light – and therefore provides more light and space to the room. It’s important that the mirror hangs in such a position that it not only reflects more light, but that the area receiving the reflection consists of lighter tones. This has the greatest effect on the optical size of the room.

Mit Tannen dekorierter Wanspiegel

Flooring can make the room appear longer

Wood flooring makes a room look longer when the planks are laid in the longest possible direction.  If you lay them in the perpendicular direction, it will make your room appear wider and perhaps more proportional. This is especially true if your room already is a bit long. If your floor consists of smaller units, like mosaic tiling, then spaces in your room come closer together. Larger units on the other hand emphasize more generous spacing. Vinyl and laminate units with cubic and woven patterns create a neutral area. Laying these diagonally will make the room appear larger as well. Finally, the wood or vinyl colour influences the optical impression of a room: lighter tones enlarge a small floorspace.

Grey wooden floor

Use light colours

Light colours more than dark tones permit standing items in the room to appear larger. This colour-effect though is opposite with items on walls and ceiling: lighter tones fall into the background while darker ones stand out.

Bedroom with white walls, dark wooden floor, white bed unit, and two windows

I hope you could take a few ideas with you. Enjoy re-designing your room!