Keeping your child safe is a top priority for parents. From considering their nutrition, to who they play with, parents are always mindful of safety. However when parents’ watchful eyes are on the road, keeping them safe poses a few challenges. Here are 5 of the best ways to ensure they are protected when driving.

Use Car Seats

One of the best ways to have a safer journey is with car seats designed for children. Properly using car seats when driving can reduce fatal injury by up to 54% for toddlers, and even 71% for infants. When using child seats, children start with rear facing seats, progress to front facing seats, then to booster seats, and then finally to sitting in the normal car seat. Keep in mind that it’s best to keep children using safety seats for as long as possible as they offer greater protection for their little bodies compared to a normal passenger seat.

Child Lock Car Doors

While it might seem like common sense to us not to open a car door when driving, kids don’t always process this fact like we do. This is especially true of 2 year olds who are at the age where they are testing motor skills and engaging their curiosity. To activate your child lock so they don’t accidentally open the car door when driving, look for the little switch on the inside of your back seat car door. You never know when it might come in handy.

Install A Back Seat Mirror

Parents are unable to view their children when driving unless they turn around. However, that increases the safety risk for everyone in the car as they will be looking across their shoulder and away from the road. The solution is to use a back seat mirror specifically designed for observing passengers sitting behind you. Easy to install and suitable for almost every vehicle, investing in a mirror is the best way to monitor your child without causing an accident.

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Drive Safely

You might not be able to control other drivers on the road but you can control yourself. When driving, lower the speed by 5 miles. By doing this you can bring your vehicle to a stop faster as well as lessen the impact velocity if you’re unfortunately in an accident. Other tips when driving are to pull over when you need to attend to your child, establish rules when driving so they don’t’ distract you, and refresh your driving knowledge. You could even try driving in silence to better concentrate on the road ahead.

Let Other Drivers Know There’s A Baby On Board

Available for every vehicle are stickers and decals that let other drivers know there’s someone precious on board.
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Drive safe everyone.