Looking to get into DIY? Be a man and check our list of the 10 items you need add to your first toolbox.

What Is It? Adjustable Spanner
What Does It Do? Adjusts nuts and bolts
Why Do I Need One? An adjustable spanner comes in handy as not all bolts and nuts are the same, especially if you’re fixing broken pipes or anything else around the home.

What Is It? Allen Key
What Does It Do? Fastens and loosens hexagonal socketed bolts
Why Do I Need One? Ever had to make your own furniture from IKEA? You’ll really need one of these.

Man Spanner Fix Bathroom Sink
Source: fantasticmanmagazine.com

What Is It? Bench Vice
What Does It Do? Holds whatever you are working with
Why Do I Need One? Safety is paramount and this securely locks in wood and other materials freeing you from a potential injury.

What Is It? Claw Hammer
What Does It Do? Delivers a heavy blow to an object
Why Do I Need One? The most basic tool in any man’s tool box. Hammers have been around for close to 3 million years. Use it to hit in or take out nails, and to disassemble or break objects.

What Is It? Cordless Drill
What Does It Do? Drives in screws quickly and effectively
Why Do I Need One? Fast and simple, you’ll have a drive-in screw in seconds. As it’s cordless it can be used anywhere for maximum convenience.

Power Drill Measuring Tape Work Bench

What Is It? Flathead Screwdriver
What Does It Do? Drives or removes slotted screws
Why Do I Need One? Like the hammer,  this is another essential tool. If you’re making simple woodworking projects, or need to pry and chisel, you can’t go wrong with this. We suggest getting a set of different sized heads.

What Is It? Handsaw
What Does It Do? Cuts pieces of wood
Why Do I Need One? Allows you to quickly cut wood for any DIY project.

What Is It? Phillips Head Screwdriver
What Does It Do? Drives or removes cross-headed screws
Why Do I Need One? Compatible screws are far more ubiquitous than slotted ones, which means Phillips screwdrivers are always needed. Like the Flathead, remember to get a set of different sized heads.

Hammer Spanner Nails

What Is It? Tape Measure
What Does It Do? Measures things
Why Do I Need One? This flexible self-retracting ruler can be used to measure anything you want including planks of timber or to check if there’s enough space to add another object to your man cave.

What Is It? Tool Box
What Does It Do? Stores all your tools
Why Do I Need One? Where else will you keep all these new objects? Check Moleo’s sturdy and reliable toolbox collection here.

Honorable Mentions
There are many tools we wish we could include such as nails, utility knives, pliers, levels, safety googles, flash lights, and more. The list goes on. Once you get started, we guarantee you won’t stop. Hmmm in that case, better invest in a bigger toolbox.